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Base Agreement

Youth With A Mission is for Christians who are committed to the great commission (Matthew 28:18-19),which includes living a godly life worthy of example. Your time will be enjoyable, rewardable and challenging. We are committed to helping you grow as a disciple of Jesus and we look forward to your being here. However being a disciple of Christ includes taking responsibility for your life and conduct.

Please read the following carefully: Approximately 90% of the evangelical community of the world (Africa, Asia and the Americas) considers alcoholic drinks and tobacco totally off-limits. Often in these contexts, alcohol and tobacco is viewed as a sign that someone doesn't know God or is turning away from Him. God has blessed the YWAM bases that draw in and send out internationals, so it is important that as a family we understand and honor one another in our conversations and actions. We also want our staff and students to be free from bondage. If you are struggling in any area please be open and honest with your leaders. If you realize you are doing things out of unhealthy motivations, we want you to be here to walk with you to freedom and discipleship. It is when we are not open and honest about these issues that we get into trouble. We ask that if you have any addictions in your life that you would be open and honest with us from the beginning of your time with us.

We ask that during your time at YWAM Chico you would refrain from the use of any alcohol, tobacco products, or illicit drugs.

By agreeing to the above statement, I understand that I am submitting to God and the leaders he is placing over me during this time of discipleship. I accept that the leaders will be guiding me and speaking into my life. Being a nanny here is an incredible time to grow deeper in relationship with God and others and we look forward to having you with us.

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