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YWAM Chico Agreements Acknowledgement for Students

Thank you for joining one of the training programs at YWAM Chico! Please read carefully the following agreements and sign acknowledging that you agree. Acknowledgement of these agreements is necessary in order to attend any of our schools. If you have any questions, call our Registrar at +1 (530) 893-6750 or email



Below are the agreements that we require you to read, understand and sign in order for you to take part in any school at YWAM Chico, California.

If the Applicant is under 18 years of age, the signature of a parent or guardian will be required.

If the Applicant will have children accompanying them, their signature applies for their children as well.

Code of Conduct

We embrace and live by God’s standards as laid out in the Bible and YWAM’s foundational values. We honor and adhere to our mission mandate of “knowing God and making him known” as well as YWAM Chico, CA, Vision and Core Values.

Relationship to Others
We value and affirm that we are all unique and different. God has made us this way, so as we strive for godly relationships with those around us and within our community and programs, we embrace and celebrate our diversity in gender, age, nationality, and gifting. We endeavor to live in a way that demonstrates care and respect for one another’s personal value and dignity. As ambassadors of Christ and students in YWAM, we will aim to uphold the reputation of the mission.

The participation in the following, including but not limited to those listed, is unacceptable for any student in YWAM Chico community:
• Sexual immorality (ex: incest, fornication, adultery, and bestiality), or any expression of sexual activity outside the boundaries of marriage between a man and a woman as defined by the Bible.
• Addictive behavior towards drinking or any form of smoking, including cigarettes, alcohol, and illegal drugs. We receive students from many different cultural backgrounds, and we do not want any of those things to be a distraction from our main purpose, which is to love God and love others.
• Possession of any illegal material or property.
• Abuse in any form to one’s self or another human being.
• Dishonesty, speaking untruths, and lying.
• Withholding of any incriminating information that may be harmful to any person or lawful for a member to know (ex: sexual abuse). The biblical model stated in Matthew 18:15-20 should be followed.
• Any expression, language, or gesture that may be offensive to another race or culture or is considered foul or offensive.
• Any breach or violation to immigration or visa agreements.
* Coming off prescription medicine without consulting a doctor.

Relationship to Property
We will demonstrate care and respect for all YWAM property, safeguarding and stewarding these resources in a way that is honoring. We recognize these resources are provided as a blessing and benefit for the entire community and must be maintained and preserved by all. We will likewise respect an individual’s private property. YWAM Chico, CA, will not allow participation in activities including but not limited to the following:
• Theft or stealing of any property not belonging to you.
• Abuse to YWAM property and facility.

Relationship to Safety
We recognize that we have been created with value and purpose and so apply common sense to all situations to do with self or others. We will choose to conduct ourselves in a way that places safety as a high priority for individuals and teams. It is expected that if someone breaks this Code, especially as it affects others, that he/she walk in humility and accountability, asking for forgiveness and making restitution where necessary. We aim to maintain a community where every member feels safe while remaining sensitive to the conviction of the Holy Spirit. We recognize every student is on a journey of personal growth; it is expected that each student then be open to change and growth in areas of our own character, actions, and spiritual walk where they may not align with biblical principles. YWAM Chico, CA, and its leadership reserve the right to ask a student to leave where areas of this Code of Conduct have not been adhered to as outlined.

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Christian Conciliation

The parties to this agreement are Christians and believe that the Bible commands them to make every effort to live at peace and to resolve disputes with each other in private or within the Christian church according to Matthew 18 and 1 Corinthians 6. Therefore, the parties agree that any claim or dispute arising from, or related to this application and subsequent student relationship, shall be settled by Biblically-based mediation and, if necessary, legally binding arbitration in accordance with the then-current Rules of Procedure for Christian Conciliation of the Institute for Christian Conciliation, a copy of which rules are available upon request. Judgment upon an arbitration award may be entered in any court otherwise having jurisdiction. The parties understand that these methods shall be the sole remedy for any controversy or claim arising out of this application and subsequent student relationship and expressively waive their right to file a lawsuit in any civil court against one another for such disputes, except to enforce an arbitration decision. The parties agree that California law will apply and any dispute will be resolved in Butte County, California*.

*The Christian Conciliation Agreement is a method to resolve civil disputes. If a crime was committed, then the State of Montana would take steps to criminally prosecute the individual(s) and this language would not apply.

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Base Agreement

Youth With A Mission is for Christians who are committed to the great commission (Matthew 28:18-19), which includes living a godly life worthy of example. Your time will be enjoyable, rewardable and challenging. We are committed to helping you grow as a disciple of Jesus and we look forward to your being here. However being a disciple of Christ includes taking responsibility for your life and conduct.

Please read the following carefully: Approximately 90% of the evangelical community of the world (Africa, Asia and the Americas) considers alcoholic drinks and tobacco totally off-limits. Often in these contexts, alcohol and tobacco is viewed as a sign that someone doesn't know God or is turning away from Him. God has blessed the YWAM bases that draw in and send out internationals, so it is important that as a family we understand and honor one another in our conversations and actions. We also want our staff and students to be free from bondage. If you are struggling in any area please be open and honest with your leaders. If you realize you are doing things out of unhealthy motivations, we want you to be here to walk with you to freedom and discipleship. It is when we are not open and honest about these issues that we get into trouble. We ask that if you have any addictions in your life that you would be open and honest with us from the beginning of your application process.

**This does not preclude you from acceptance into our program**

We ask that during your time at YWAM Chico you would refrain from the use of any alcohol, tobacco products, or illegal drugs.

By agreeing to the above statement, I understand that I am submitting to God and the leaders he is placing over me during this time of discipleship. I accept that the leaders will be guiding me and speaking into my life.

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Acknowledgment of Financial Responsibility

I understand that payment of the required school tuition fees must be made upon or before my arrival, unless otherwise approved by the school leader before my departure to Chico, CA. I further understand that payment must be made in U.S. currency.  I also confirm that I am fully aware of my financial obligations in attending a school at YWAM Chico. I therefore promise to keep my word by paying in a timely manner all personal expenses incurred during my involvement with Youth With A Mission.

I am fully aware of my financial obligation, both to the Lord and to the students and staff of the school. I also understand that, should I leave the program (by withdrawal or termination) prior to completion, I am only entitled to any refund as outlined in the refund policy. I therefore promise to keep my word and pay in a timely manner all personal expenses incurred during my involvement with Youth With A Mission. I also commit to take all necessary steps to meet this promise, and accept the help and suggestions of my future staff.

Because YWAM is registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, donations made for school fees are considered tuition and are NOT tax-deductible. This includes fees for both the lecture and outreach phases of any YWAM Chico school.

I understand that if I fail to abide by this agreement I will be asked to leave the field at my own expense. My signature below certifies my approval of this agreement and intention to comply with its contents.

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Refund Policy

The refund policy for termination or withdrawal of any student participating in any school here at YWAM Chico is as follows:

Prior to first classroom session      100%, less $100 processing fee.

During the first week of classes       95%

During the second week of classes 85%

During the third week of classes      70%

During the fourth week of classes    60%

During the fifth week of classes       50%

Beyond the fifth week of classes       0%

I agree to the above refund policy regarding termination or withdrawal of any school at YWAM Chico.

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Release of Liability

I hereby release Youth With A Mission - Springs of Living Water (also known as YWAM Chico), its staff, agents, and volunteer assistants from any liability whatsoever arising out of injury, damage or loss which may be sustained by said person during the course of involvement with Youth With A Mission.

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Do you have health/travel insurance valid in the State of California?

Acknowledgement of the Requirement for Health Insurance While on Campus

I understand that YWAM Chico requires that all student either have health insurance (or travel insurance in the case of international participants) valid in the state of California for the duration of their time on campus during their school or that they sign this Declaration of Wavier of Health Insurance.

My signature below is an acknowledgement that I will either provide proof of valid health insurance or that l do not have insurance valid in the state of California.

Under any circumstance, I shall not hold YWAM Chico liable for any financial matters incurred related to any health care expenses that I might incur during my stay on campus.

I hereby release, remise and discharge from any claims and liabilities whatsoever without limitations that I might have against YWAM Chico and its owners due to any circumstance which might occur.

By signing this waiver, I fully agree that YWAM Chico has taken all reasonable practicable action to protect my health and safety.

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Consent for Treatment

In the event of an emergency in which I am rendered unconscious and my nearest responsible relative or guardian cannot be contacted, I hereby agree to such treatment, anesthetics and operations to be performed upon myself as in the opinion of the attending physician is deemed necessary.

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Photo/Testimony Release

I, the above mentioned participant, being allowed to participate in any way in a YWAM Chico program, related events and activities, agree that my likeness may be photographed or videotaped and that such images may be published in an outlet used to promote the program. In addition, I agree that any testimonies regarding my experiences during the program (excluding anything shared in confidence) may be used for the same purpose.

If for any reason you can not sign this release form, please just sign NO on this section.  We will honor your rights to privacy.

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Privacy Information

Your basic contact details and course grade will be shared with the University of the Nations Records System. The UofN RS stores and processes records for students internationally so that students are able to seamlessly transfer their credits between campuses and study on multiple campuses, and even multiple continents (a requirement for a BA or MA degree).

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