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Student Application for YWAM Chico Training School

This application should take you less than 45 minutes.  The purpose of these questions is for us to get to know you better. We also ask for references from three people who know you well: one from a pastor or mentor, one from a friend, and one from a teacher, employer or co-worker. If you have ever completed a YWAM School and or been on staff with YWAM, please provide your YWAM Leader reference information.

You will also need your emergency contact information.  To complete the applications, you will need to upload as a picture of yourself, picture of your passport and picture of your US visa, if you have one.

This application is the beginning of the enrollment process for each of our schools. You can expect an email at the address you enter to let you know we've received your application within the next week.


If you do not have your own unique email address, please type your (example This will just be a temporary email address.

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