YWAM - Youth With A Mission

To Know God And Make Him Known

YWAM is Youth With A Mission

YWAM, also known as Youth With A Mission, is a global missions movement dedicated to making Jesus known throughout the world.  We do this by discipling and training believers to share the love of Jesus in words, lifestyle and action and then going together in teams to carry this out around the world. 

YWAM in Chico, California is a multi-generational missionary community located on a 500 acre historic resort in the heart of Northern California.  Our mission is to disciple and mobilize students, families and adults of all ages into short and long term missions, in California and around the world.   Over 250,000 people have encountered God and learned to make Him known here through events and camps, short term mission trips, Discipleship Training Schools (DTS) and our University of the Nations (UofN) courses.  

YWAM is Multi-Generational

Our campus has always been a thriving environment for families and children to live and grow together with plenty of family space and opportunity for interaction.  In turn, this community environment creates a powerful atmosphere for young adults to be championed and empowered within the context of family.  It is a great community environment where fathers and mothers create a safe place for the emerging generation to heal and grow, dream and lead, make mistakes and rise again.

Come and join us at YWAM in Chico, California, for an event or camp, Mission Trip or DTS, or as a volunteer or staff.  We cannot wait to see you here!

YWAM is Youth ON a Mission

Since 1960 YWAM has been on a mission to make Jesus known throughout the world.  We believe that every person from every tribe, family and language, living in every geographic location, embedded in every strata and sphere of society has the right to hear the Great Story of Jesus Christ and decide for themselves whether they believe in Jesus and want to follow Him.  We are passionate about making Jesus known and equipping and mobilizing believers to join us on this mission.  All of our Mission Trips, Discipleship Training Schools and Events and Camps are aimed at this goal.  We would love to have you join us in the great adventure of Knowing God and Making Him Known!

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Join the Ministry of YWAM in Chico, California and Spread the Gospel around the World.

Thank you for giving to YWAM in Chico, California. We love that we get to partner with you in this mission to reach the ends of the earth with the love of Jesus.

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