Youth Ministries

Do you think you’re too young for missions?

Well… Think again!

We are passionate about seeing the next generation encounter God!

Have you ever seen the eyes of one so passionate and on fire for Jesus light up and shine with new revelation?
Have you experienced one who has their identity so firmly planted in who they are as a child of God that nothing can faze them?
Do you want to see revival spread through this nation?
We want to give place to the youth in America today. We are passionate to see the next generation rise up and take their place as Godly leaders in this world.
Our desire it to train, disciple and empower the teens of this nation to know who they are as sons and daughters of God.
We want to give them a solid foundation to stand on and speak from as they share the gospel with others.  These are the world changers.

And don’t be intimidated by those who are older than you; simply be the example they need to see by being faithful and true in all that you do.

Speak the truth and live a life of purity and authentic love as you remain strong in your faith.

1 Timothy 4:12


SST is YWAM Chico’s
Discipleship & Missions Training Program for Teenagers.

If you are 8th to 12th grade (13-18 years old) and have the desire to know God and make Him known,
we invite YOU to join us this coming summer for
one week of lecture and one week of outreach!

1. Join our community of full-time missionaries for a season
2. Encounter God through interactive teaching
3. Grow in relationships and authentic discipleship
4. Go on an outreach!

Are you over 18 and still want to be involved? We also have opportunities for those 18+ years old to come and serve as SST Interns. Click “Apply Now!” below.

There's room here for you!

Summer Programs!

June 23 – July 6, 2024

The cost is $600 per student.

SST Missions Encounter Week for teens.

If you are 13-18 years old and have the desire to 

know God and make Him known,
we invite YOU to join us this coming summer for
a week of training and encountering God along with local outreach in the Chico Ca. area.

Join us!

SST- Missions Encounter Week.

Youth Leaders

If you are a youth leader, we have opportunities for your youth group.

We would love to host your team for a retreat or youth event. We can also work with you on different activities from a worship experience, to team building, to a missions trip, local or international.