End Bible Poverty Now!

Every person has the right to a bible in their own heart language.

YWAM's Legacy Word

“I was with a YWAM convoy traveling through Mexico to Central America. We had stopped in a dusty Mexican town to repair a flat tire. While some worked on that, the rest of us delivered a Gospel of John to every home, then held an open-air preaching service.

After our meeting a woman in a faded red dress came up to me. My Spanish wasn’t very good, but I understood her to say, ‘There’s no place in my town to get a Bible, and there aren’t any in the towns around here. Do you have a Bible in my language?’

I managed to find a Spanish Bible for her. She grasped it to her chest. ‘¡Muchísimas gracias, señor!’

As we drove away, the woman’s question continued to haunt me. ‘Do you have a Bible in my language?’ Then, a picture suddenly came before my eyes – I believe it was what the Bible calls a ‘vision.’ I saw a big truck – not a semi, but more like a large moving van. Painted on the side was, ‘Sólo los deshonestos temen la verdad. Santa Biblia, gratis.’

I didn’t know Spanish well enough to think in the language, so seeing these sentences was a complete surprise. I translated them slowly in my mind. They meant, ‘Only the dishonest fear the truth. Free Bibles.’ What an exciting thought! The phase ‘Only the dishonest fear the truth’ was completely new to me, and it rang in my mind. It was especially pertinent at the time, as communists were spreading their cause across Latin America.

As the vision continued, I saw young people standing in the back of the truck handing Bibles into eager hands as fast as they could.” (Excerpt from The Book That Transforms Nations, Loren Cunningham, (2007, YWAM Publishing)

When a critical mass of people have the Bible and apply what it teaches in their lives, a nation is transformed.

Loren Cunningham


How can you help end Bible Poverty NOW?

There are several ways we can all engage in the end of Bible poverty.

Prayer – Everything we do in connection with ending bible poverty comes out of communication first with the Author of the book.  We believe this is the foundation for everything else we do from making connections and relationships to giving us the knowledge of the skill to do the work.

There are many steps beyond Prayer, yet this is where we start. Please join us today in bringing an end to Bible Poverty NOW!
Let us know your are with us!