Change lives in Baja Mexico

Mexico Adventures

Mission Trips to Mexico

Mexico Adventures offers life-changing, short-term mission trips for groups, families or individuals.

Come join us on a one week outreach to serve at an orphanage or build a house. No experience is necessary and there are no pre-requisites. Every month we offer mission trips to Central Baja, Mexico which depart from San Diego.

You and your group will enjoy a week of ministry in Mexico sharing your love for God and serving in practical ways.  When you see the impact your ministry has on the people you are ministering to, your heart will be changed.

Our YWAM Chico Mexico Adventures team has over  30 years experience leading teams to Central Baja, Mexico, so you can feel relaxed knowing that your mission trip will be safe and well organized. 


Prices start at $400 per person, including air-conditioned transport to Mexico, accommodation, meals (including a dinner out) and a day trip to the beach.

Home Building Outreach

Many of the families living in Mexico earn a very low income and are unable to afford adequate food and housing. Because of this families often live in very small shelters made of cardboard, plastic, palettes and salvaged building materials.

When you build a house for a family in Baja you are breaking the poverty cycle, improving health and education for the children and enabling them to  dream about the future. Everyone who receives a house knows that this gift is an expression of Jesus’ love for them.

Orphanage Outreach

Established in 1966, the orphanage in Vicente Guerrero, Mexico has blossomed into a multifaceted mission that houses over 70 orphans as well as providing daycare, schooling and outreach to children throughout the community.

Your ministry at the orphanage will be to come alongside the staff in a variety of practical ways. Each day your assignment may differ and may include: painting, doing simple carpentry work, sewing, yard and garden work, taking care of babies, working in the kitchen, sorting clothes and playing with the kids (you usually get to choose your work duty).

“The entire time we were driving to the orphanage, staying at the orphanage and traveling back, there was never a time we felt unsafe. Even with our children at night in the neighborhoods where we were doing outreach, all of the people conducted themselves very graciously to us and showed no violence or malice. Go forward and change lives for God with YWAM Chico in Baja California, Mexico! The Mexico Adventures staff are wonderful hosts and truly guide you and care for you and your family during the entire mission trip. Know this one thing, You and your family will never be the same!”

Tommy, Dani, Brandon, and Preston F.​

Frequently Asked Questions

Trip cost per person: US $400 for either the orphanage trip or the house building trip.

Your team is responsible for providing the funds for the home you will build.

A house costs: $5,500 (440 sq. ft.)

  • You will participate in evening outreaches to distribute food and clothing to the needy. During the week you’ll attend a lively Mexican church service (translated into English) enjoy local culture and foods, plus you’ll spend an afternoon at the beach and shop for souvenirs on the way back to the US.
  • There are evangelism outreaches into remote communities (cardboard shack villages) to: evangelize, distribute milk, food, clothes, shoes, etc., as well as play with the children and show love to the families. You will also feed breakfast to more than 120 children who go to school without having eaten.

    You will participate in evening outreaches to evangelize and distribute food and clothing to the needy. During the week you’ll attend a lively Mexican church service (translated into English) enjoy local culture and foods, plus you’ll spend an afternoon at the beach and shop for souvenirs on the way back to the US.

    Notice: Due to Covid some ministries may look different. Please contact us for more information.

We have two outreach locations:

1. Baja California, MX,
-Home Building

2. Oaxaca -Orphanage

Whether you are building a house or working at the orphanage, you will stay in dormitory-style accommodations- up to 12 to a room. Depending on how many people there are during your week, it may be possible to provide families or couples with their own room, but there is no guarantee. The facilities are clean, simple and adequate. You provide your own bedding.

There are indoor toilets, and showers with hot and cold running water. The food is wholesome and nourishing and is served in a large dining hall, family-style.

We have outreaches every month except for December. Please call us for specific dates.

From the US  (530) 893-6750 ext. 214

From Canada (530) 893-6750 ext. 214

Make your travel plans to meet us at the San Diego, CA Airport on Sunday—the first morning of the outreach—by 11:00 am. We will return to the San Diego Airport by 5:30 pm (subject to delays at the border) on Saturday—the final day of the outreach.

We began taking teams to Mexico in 1992. Since that time, we have led more than 500 teams, built more than 500 houses and provided thousands with Bibles, food, vitamins, clothing, shoes, toys, etc. Many have come to know Christ as a result of our evangelistic outreaches.

Minors must be accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult. Exceptions to this rule may be made – call us for details (530) 893-6750 ext 214.

Yes. All travelers, including US and Canadian Citizens, need a current passport.

Exception: US Citizens who are 17 years of age or younger do not need a passport – but do need a birth certificate – original or certified copy – and a photo ID (for 16-17 year olds).

Citizens of ALL other nations need a current passport and, where applicable, a valid visa or green card for reentry into the US.

Call us if you have any questions.

This is a short outreach. Please, pack light. The people you will minister to dress very conservatively; try to do the same by bringing simple, plain clothes.

  • As of June 1, 2009 – all US and Canadian Citizens will need a current passport.

Exception: US Citizens who are 17 years of age or younger will not need a passport – but will need a birth certificate – original or certified copy – and a photo ID (for  16-17 year olds).

  • Citizens of ALL other nations will need a current passport and a valid visa or green card for reentry into the US.
  • Sleeping bag and pillow and your Bible!
  • Bath towel, soap, shampoo, and other personal items.
  • Work clothes and one nice (not dressy) outfit for church.
  • A jacket and/or sweater (it may get cold at night).
  • Camera, alarm clock, ear plugs (if light sleeper).
  • U.S. currency in small bills (lots of 1’s, 5’s & 10’s) no need to exchange to Mexican currency.
  • Swimsuit – modest one piece, please – no bikinis.
  • Sun screen, hand sanitizer and/or baby wipes.
  • Tennis shoes or work shoes and gloves.
  • The people there dress very conservatively. Bring very simple and plain clothes.
  • Please note – there are no laundry facilities available!
  • No bare feet at any time!!

(We will send you more information after we receive your completed, General Information & Authorization Form, and deposit).



There are no vaccines required for the trips to Mexico but we suggest you check with your health clinic and that you have a current Tetanus shot.

The media has been working overtime in recent months spreading exaggerated reports of violence and criminal activity in Mexico, thereby engendering great fear in North Americans about traveling into Mexico. Based on this type of misinformation, many people, both tourists and short-term missionaries are avoiding Mexico.
This is a very sad situation on many levels. The financial impact trickles down through the Mexican economy, hurting an already-struggling economy. But, even more devastating is the loss of assistance which mission’s teams bring to the poorest people of this state.
We would like to set the record straight: life in Vicente Guerrero where your group will be going,  and on the Baja peninsula is normal, safe and calm.  People are going about their normal business, going to work and school, shopping and playing. We are bringing teams down at least twice a month and we have crossed the border at Tijuana many many times in the past several months. We do not go into Tijuana at all….we stay on the main highway.  Our shopping at the end of our weeks is in Ensenada…where four cruise ships a week allow 1000’s of people to disembark and stroll around the city,  with no problems at all.  We have never, ever witnessed even a hint of violent activity in all of our travels. Nor have any of our  teams reported ever hearing or seeing anything of that nature.
The spate of crime that the news media is so quick to inflate and report is, for the most part, between drug cartels and between the cartels and police/military. Mexican President Felipe Calderon has pledged to fight the drug cartels which means, if anything, we are seeing increased police and military presence, which we feel is a good sign. It makes us feel safer.  The major areas of violence are Juarez Mexico near El Paso Texas, the State of Guerrero which is almost 2000 miles away from where we minister, and the Mexico City area, which is also close to 2000 miles from where we minister.

The Baja California area and in particular the town that we minister in (Vicente Guerrero) is in the green (safe) area on the U.S. State Department violence maps.
The U.S. State Department site also notes that “millions of U.S. citizens safely visit Mexico each year (including thousands who cross the U.S. land border every day for study, tourism or business).”

Please feel free to email us ( with any questions or concerns. If you would like further reassurance from any of the many group leaders who have led teams to Mexico in the last few months, we can provide contact information.  We have groups going to the Baja every month with no problems.

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