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Thank you for applying for YWAM Chico's SST!

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If you have graduated from Highshool we invite you to apply as an intern. If you do not have your own unique email address, please type your (example This will just be a temporary email address.
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Answers to these questions will not disqualify you but will provide important information we need to best support you when you come.

Please answer this question truthfully. Your answer will not necessarily disqualify you from attending SST with Youth With A Mission.

Do you have a past history of alcohol, tobacco or drug use (including marijuana and vapes)?


In order for us to get to know you better, we ask for two references: a youth pastor or spiritual mentor and one of your parents. Once you have submitted your application form, your chosen references will receive an email with a link to the reference form.  Please remind them to look for the email and fill out the reference soon.

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